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I made a homeless mans day

After today’s early date of a Christmas Parade ended I went to a local restaurant and ate dinner with my parents. There was a homeless man there, and it was very obvious, because was given free drinks (So he must be a frequent visitor). 

For the past two weeks I had been selling EHS Steak Dinner Tickets for $10 a piece, and that day I received more donations than actual sales. With that convenience I figured I would give this homeless fellow a “free” Steak Dinner Ticket paid for via a donation of a kind citizen. 

I borrowed a pen from the cashiers pocket and wrote, “Enjoy” on the back of the small stock card. I waled up to him, handed him the ticket, and told him, “Have a wonderful holiday sir” 

I have never seen true happiness until I saw this man smile. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me at the time so I couldn’t take a photo.